March Madness 2018

And the 2018 winners are:

Kinney, Dan2
233 Points
231 Points

I will send checks on Wednesday.

**** Important Note ****

The official count for 2018 is 145.

145 Entries x $5.00 = $725


10 % of $725.00 = $72.00 for Admin costs


Total pot


1st Place 70% of $653.00


2nd Place 30% of $653.00


Commish Danno

The 2017 numbers are way up from 110 last year to 142 this year. Thanks everybody. If you have already paid thank you. If not I will be contacting you soon.

142 x $5.00 = $710.00

1st place = $497.00 (70%)
2nd place = $213.00 (30%)

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Welcome to the "$how Me The Money" March Madness Btracket pool. This is powered by the Turbo Tourney software.

I have been running the March Madness Bracket Pool since 2002 with the exeption of a couple years (2011 and 2012) due to health reasons. But I'm back and better than ever.  So let the madness begin. Guaranteed a good time.

Selection Sunday is Sunday March 11th. I should have the Bracket Pick Sheet up late Sunday evening or early Monday morning at the latest. The Final Four is in San Antonio Texas  this year on Saturday March 31st and Monday April 2nd.

Tournament Pick Sheet & Reports...

The Skinney:

Picks will only be accepted via the Internet Pick Sheet [Click on the PICK SHEET button above to access the pick sheet].
I will update the website after each round is complete [Click on the REPORT PACKAGE button above to access the tournament reports].
Each entry costs $5.00, submit as many as you want. Only submit entries if you plan on paying [I don't want any Dead Beats...]

Or you can send me a check. My address is :
Dan Kinney
332 Westgrove Ct
Durham, NC 27703
Points are awarded for each correct pick per round [Seed# X Round#]. If a 10 seed team wins a second round game you would get [10 x 2 = 20 points]. I use this scoring method to reward picking correct upsets.
10% of the pot or no more than $100.00 will come off the top for administrative costs which include the cost of the Turbo Tourney software and the website.

First place gets 70% of total pot .

Second place gets 30% of total pot .

If two or more people tie for 1st, 1st and 2nd place will be added together and divided equally.

If two or more people tie for 2nd place, 2nd place money will be divided equally.
Tiebreakers :

1st - Total points in the Final Game

2nd - Picked Tournament Champ

3rd - Most teams in the Final Game