Week 02 is in the books and the website has been updated.

The final count for the 1st half is almost set. Right now we are at 103 and Commish Danno (that be me) gets a free ride so right now we are at 102. There is 1 more player that I'm not sure about. 

There is hope for you Brownie fans. If you had a kicker you could easily be 2-0. So close, yet so far.

How about quiting on your team at half time. Vontae Davis better move to Siberia. If he ever shows his face in a bar anywhere and is recognized he will probably get roughed up. That was a bush league move. I don't ever recall that happening before.

Tie-games in the NFL are rare. To have Back-to-Back tie games in the 1st two weeks to my knowledge has never happened before.

My Raiders are 0-2, but showed some improvement in week 02 over a tough divisional opponent. Next week we have to travel to Miami and face the improved 2-0 Dolphins.

I need EVERYONE to register each year by submitting the ENTRY FORM. This saves me time and helps me keep track of everyone (NO EXCEPTIONS).

When you register you have the option to pick a POOL NICKNAME or use your REGULAR NAME. When you submit your ENTRY FORM. Whatever you choose I add that NAME to the database.

If you did not register and submit picks week 01. I wiil add whatever name you used when you submitted your picks. That will become your POOL NICKNAME, please remember it and use that NAME going forward.

Going forward when submitting picks each week; when you begin to enter your NAME it will suggest similiar names as you begin to type your name in the POOLNAME field on the PIKSHEET.

EXAMPLE: My POOL NICKNAME is Commish Danno. If I begin to type the letter "C" it should display all the names in the database that begin with the letter "C". You do not need to type your whole name; although you should enter more than ONE character so that it filters out other names. Once you see your POOLNAME you can click on your name and it will automatically fill your POOLNAME in the name field on the picksheet. Same goes for the email address.

If you register with a POOL NICKNAME of "Superstar" and then submit picks with a name of "John Smith"; how am I supposed know who John Smith is.

So because I know there are a few people who will not register I will go through the pain for week 01 only of trying to figure out who you are. And only for week 01.

If you submitted picks under "Superstar" for week 01 and then for any subsequent week(s) you submit picks under another name like "John Smith". You will get random picks for "Superstar" and the picks submitted under "John Smith" will be ignored.

When I import the PICKS into the database it has to find a POOLNAME match in the database in order to know whose picks they are. If there are picks that have been submitted and there is no matching name in the database; everything stops and I have to figure out what the problem is and then I have to manually enter the picks for that person.

I'm sorry to be such a hardass about this, but it drives me crazy when this happens.

Welcome to the 25th annual "$how Me The Money" Football Pool. It's that time of year again and the "$how Me The Money" FOOTBALL POOL is back for another season.

Our purpose is to run a friendly internet based office type football pool, have fun and hopefully spread the money around as much as possible. Anyone can play as long as they pay. The bottom line it costs me money to run this Football Pool and Website. I don't mind as long as everyone that plays pays. I do withhold $200 from the season prize pool money, but that does not cover the entire cost nor does it excuse anybody from paying the entry fee.

The cost for this years pool is the same $70.00 for the entire 17 week season, payable in advance (I'm flexible on the money as long you pay ASAP). The only reason I'm asking for the money in advance is so that I don't have to chase you down for it. So here's the deal, if you want to play and can't come up with $70.00 in advance, pay me what you can up front and then the rest by the halfway point of the season (the 9th week). If you get lucky and happen to win one of the weekly pools and have not paid in full, the balance owed will be deducted from your winnings.

$2.00 per entry per week will be applied towards the weekly prize money. Simply put, the more that play the bigger the pot. The remainder of the money will be applied towards the yearly prize pool, which is detailed in the rules.

All money taken in will be paid out in prize money except for the $200 administrative cost, this is strictly for fun not for profit. Sign up now, ask your friends or relatives anybody can play. The football season is just around the corner. Use the Entry Form Page to sign up today. Check the What's New Page for some important news on changes to this years pool.