NCAA March Madness 2016



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Dickie V says "March Madness fever is heating up...It's assume baby with a capital "A".

Stop back for March Madness 2015. Selection Sunday is Sunday March 15th, only a few days away...

I will be running my bracket pool again this year, each entry will be $5.00.

If you are looking for some other bracket pools

2016 NCAA Tournament Schedule / Dates

Tournament Pick Sheet & Reports...

Tournament Scoring...

Points are awarded for each correct pick per round [Seed# X Round#]
If a 10 seed team wins a second round game you would get [10 x 2 = 20 points]


Dead Beat Payers Wall Of Shame

Joseph Beck, John Hess, Matt Clay
Marshall Oakes
Dustin Miles


*** Important news for anyone who I do not know ***

Due to the three Non Paying players from 2008 I will require payment up front before the tournament begins if possible. I can take PayPal; I just can't advertise it or have any links to my PayPal account. My PayPal e-mail address is Or you can mail me a check. If payment is not received by the start of the second week on Thursday your entry or entries will be deleted.

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Dan Kinney
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*** News Flash 2016 ***

2016 March Madness is under way.

The entry fee for this year is $5.00 per entry.

You can pay with PayPal, see the How To Pay page.

Let the madness begin. Enter as often as you want; each entry is $5.00.

I will wait until after the tournament starts before I load all the pick sheets. It is easier and goes much smoother that way.

E-Mail me with any questions.

I will update the website after each round is complete.

Please click on reports package for current standings.

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2015Tournament Skinney...
Updated Tuesday, April 05, 2016 06:58 AM

2016 March Madness Round 6 is complete and the website has been updated.

Great game and congrats to the Villanova Wildcats. We only had 2 players pick Villanova to win it all.

And the winners are:

1st Place - Recktenwald, Jason (1)
2nd Place - Kevin Shannon




Click on the REPORT PACKAGE button above for details.


The un-official count for 2016 is 110.


110 x $5.00 = $550.00 - 5% [$27.50 for Admin costs] = Total pot = $522.50

1st Place gets 70% of $522.50 = $366.00

2nd Place gets 30% of $522.50 = $157.00

Thanks to those who already paid... If you haven't paid please do so ASAP. You can pay with PayPal if you prefer.

Please send me your money ASAP...

To print a copy of your picks follow these instructions:

  1. Just click on the reports package button

  2. Click on  "Player Listing"

  3. Then click on the picks you want to print

  4. Then click on the "Print Picks" link and you are done

  5. Or

  6. Click on  "Player Picks"

  7. Then on the DROP DOWN window select the picks you want to print

  8. Then click on the "Print Picks" link and you are done

Please check your picks and let me know if I did not receive them.


Tournament Rules...

  • Picks will only be accepted via the Internet Pick Sheet [Click on the Pick Sheet button above to access the pick sheet]

  • Each entry costs $5.00, submit as many as you want

  • Only submit entries if you plan on paying [I don't want any Dead Beats...]

  • You can pay with PayPal, but I just can't advertise. Send me an E-Mail and I will send you my PayPalID

  • You can send me a check. See the How To Page to e-mail me for my mailing address

  • 10% of the pot or no more than $100.00 will come off the top for administrative costs

  • First place gets 70% of total pot

  • Second place gets 30% of total pot

  • If two or more people tie for 1st, 1st and 2nd place will be added together and divided equally

  • If two or more people tie for 2nd place, 2nd place money will be divided equally 

  • Tiebreakers

    • 1st - Total points in the Final Game

    • 2nd - Picked Tournament Champ

    • 3rd - Most teams in the Final Game

Tournament History...

2002 [$1.00 per entry 191 total entries]
1st Place Jeff Cottrone [$133.70]
2nd Place Joe Mammino [$57.30]
2003 [$5.00 per entry 99 total entries]
1st Place Rick Delettera [$346.50]
2nd Place Kyle Pullyblank [$148.50]
2004 [$5.00 per entry 138 total entries]
1st Place Rick Delettera [$434.70]
2nd Place Jeremy Toscano [$186.30]
2005 [$5.00 per entry 130 total entries]
1st Place JoAnna Rushton [$409.50]
2nd Place Jeanne Bloom [$176.50]
2006 [$5.00 per entry 118 total entries]
1st Place Allison Vee [$371.70]
2nd Place Tony Danno [$159.30]
2007 [$5.00 per entry 115 total entries]
1st Place Joe Bechtold [$385.00]
2nd Place Joe Bechtold [$165.00]
2008 [$5.00 per entry 111 total entries]
1st Place Jeff Pallatto [$369.00]
2nd Place Jeanne Bloom [$158.00]
2009 [$5.00 per entry 152 total entries]
1st Place Jennifer Kreutter [$505.40]
2nd Place Wayne Gross [$216.60]
2010 [$5.00 per entry 149 total entries]
1st Place Rick Delettera [$495.60]
2nd Place Chris Lindsey [$212.40]
2011 [No March Madness Pool]
2012 [No March Madness Pool]
2013 [$5.00 per entry 93 total entries]
1st place - Safford, Robert 3 - 281 Points [$309.40]
2nd Place - pullyblank, kyle2  - 238 Points [$132.60]
2014 [$5.00 per entry 113 total entries]

1st place - Ohm, Scott -1 - 256 Points [$376.00]

2nd Place - Recktenwald, Jason 2 - 248 Points [$161.00]

2015 [$5.00 per entry 115 total entries]

1st place - Kinney, Dan-1 - 291 Points [$382.00]

2nd Place - Ryan, John w - 281 Points [$164.00]

2016 [$5.00 per entry 110 total entries]

1st place - Recktenwald, Jason (1) - 266 Points [$366.00]

2nd Place - Kevin Shannon - 256 Points [$157.00]