Week 17 picks have been posted.......... Week 17 Still Alive Standings have been posted.......... Week 17 Winners have been determined and the website has been updated.......... That's a wrap for the 2020 season which is a major statement. Get your Super Bowl Squares now..............................

1st Place "Lucky" Award JeremyandDad
by 2
2nd Place "Snubbed" Award

Tie for 2nd
2way tie for 1st

3rd Place "Kicker" Award
HorizonBeyond $171.00
Only places 1 thru 3 are combined for any ties. If 4 people tied for 1st the money for 1st, 2nd and 3rd would be added together and divided by 4.

If 4 people tied for 2nd the 2nd and 3rd place money would be added together and divided by 4.

If 4 people tied for 3rd the 3rd place money is divided by 4.
Special #1 "Next Hottest Picker" Award Dino2020 - 70.5%  KingFish - 70.5% Antonio - 70.5%
KennyT - 70.5%
John C - 70.5%
Darryn Rose - 70.5%

We had a 6way tie for the "NEXT HOTTEST PICKER" Award at 70.5% and no weekly wins
by 6
Special #2 "Broken Heart" Award cmi

wins it at 68.9% and being in 2 weekly tiebreakers.

There were 4 players elligible for the Broken Heart award each with 2 tie-breakers.

pbechtold  - 66.4%
Dino2020 - 70.5%
cmi - 68.9%
Antonio - 70.5%

Dino2020 and Antonio were winners in the "NEXT HOTTEST PICKER" Award which eliminates them.
Special #3 "Best Overall W/L % for the full season" Honey Badger

Wins it with a 72.3%W/L percentage for the entire season
I will wait until Thursday before I pay the 2nd Half winners. Giving players time to challenge me. I am human and I do make mistakes; so please check my work.